Who Are We?

Edgar Electrical Supplies is a well established specialist cable and accessory supply business set up 6 years ago in Newtownabbey, Belfast,
by proprietor Philip Edgar. He found a niche in the market for small efficient company focusing at a local level on the 'just in time' supply of electric cables, and their associated accessories, including the automotive sector.
He has put together a dedicated team who between them have many years experience in the electrical industry.
We are a small but dynamic company founded on customer service and the personal touch.
Edgar Electrical Supplies are experienced in sourcing the best quality products at competitive prices.
Please browse our site and feel free to contact us for with any of your
cable and accessories needs.

The Range

Just some of the extensive range of cables and accessories we stock.

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idc push-wire connectors for junction boxes at edgar electrical supplies

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alfatronics at edgar electrical supplies belfast

alfatronics at edgar electrical supplies belfast

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11kv electric cable at edgar electrical supplies belfast


Now You Know

UK electrical socket circuits are normally described as either radial or ring. Socket circuits are usually connected as a ring, with radially connected sockets being the exception.

A radial circuit is one where power is transmitted from point to point by a single length of cable linking each point to the next. It starts at the main switch or fuse and simply terminates at the last connected device. It may branch at a connection point. Lighting circuits are normally wired in this way, but it may also be used for low power socket circuits. (wikipedia)